The 3rd Alternative Fuels Symposium, organised by MVW Lechtenberg & Partner, will take place on 12-13 October 2016,
at a special and unique location of Landscape Park Duisburg Nord, a former steel mill, where the area’s rich industrial heritage meets nature in a fascinating way.

Supported by Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials (AUCBM), this highly regarded symposium will gather delegates from all over the world.

Following our successful 1st and 2nd Alternative Fuel Symposium in 2014 and 2015,
the programme of the 3rd Alternative Fuel Symposium will feature again a range
of senior industry decision makers and technical experts covering the key aspects
of alternative fuel technologies used in cement, lime and power generation industry.
The influence of CO2 reduction regulations on the industry will be one of the main topics
of this year’s symposium, therefore the steel industry as supplier of granulated blast furnace slag will participate
and present case studies on CO2 reduction technologies and carbon capture.
Also case studies on waste processing and alternative fuels in the industry will be presented.

Meet international alternative fuels experts and learn about:
  • New developments in alternative fuels
  • Carbon capture and carbon storage
  • Case studies for alternative fuel processing, feeding, dosing and process influence
  • Influence of alternative fuels on clinker and cement production
  • Case Studies and first-hand experience in using alternative fuels shared by management members of several cement and lime plants
  • Use of alternative fuels as reduction agent in the steel industry
More than 1,500 participants of the global cement, lime, power generating and steel industry
as well as from waste management companies have already attended our symposiums and workshops!

To get an impression about our last symposium in 2015, please have a look
here and for our Symposium 2014 please look here.

For registration and further details please
download the programme and registration form here

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Provisional Programme - confirmed speakers in May 2016

  • Keynote: Climate Action Plan
    Martin Krings, Environmental Ministry of North Rhine Westphalia
  • Using alternative Fuels as reduction agent in the steel industry
    Nina Kieberger, Voest Alpine Steel, Austria
  • Mechanical & biological treatment and production of RDF
    Stefan Minius, Sutco, Germany
  • Use of granulated blast furnace slag
    Speaker tbc, CEMEX Germany
  • CO2 Capturing using lime
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Epple, Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • The project planning and introduction of a “Fluff-drying system” at Dyckerhoff’s Nowiny plant
    Wojciech Rabajczyk, Dyckerhoff Cement Polska, Poland
  • Granulated blast furnace slag as raw material for cement production - influence on new environmental regulations
    Thomas Reiche, FEhS (Building Materials Institute), Germany
  • Case Study for processing refuse derived fuels
    Daniel Wresnik, Untha shredding technology GmbH, Austria
  • Developments on alternative fuels in the Polish cement industry
    Dr eng. Bożena Środa, Polish Cement Association, Poland
  • Case study on storage dosing and feeding alternative fuels
    Robert Krist, FLSmidt Pfister, Germany
  • Influence of low fossil fuel prices on alternative fuels in the Arab World
    Ahmad Al Rousan, Secretary General of the Arab Union for construction and Building materials (AUCBM)
  • New process developments in refuse derived fuels, RDF
    Marco Egger, Lindner Recyclingtech, Austria
Participants’ comments from the Alternative Fuels Symposiums:
  • “It was prefect. It was conveying, quite intensively the technical part of the RDF (installations). It's good, also to cover "pre-treatment" and sorting, because this is the key for good quality of RDF”
  • "Excellent overview of RDF”
  • “It was very profitable for me and I´m very glad for the opportunity to be participant in this workshop”
  • “Fully met my expectations”
  • "Well organized, and very good presenters”
  • "Excellent information about alternative fuels ”
  • “It was great and nice experience to see new available technologies”
  • “The workshop completely satisfied my expectations”
  • “Very happy with the quality. VIELEN DANK”
  • “Very well organized and participants are highly specialized and devoted to alternative fuel area”

    In the news:

    “The 2nd alternative Fuels symposium was once again characterized by perfect organization and an „outstanding programme of lectures”..;
    “completely new insights into the operational practice and organization of the use of alternative fuels”
    (Cement International, January 2016)

    The conference will take place at the “Landschaftspark Nord” the former steel mill and named as one of the 10 best landscape parks in the world.

    MVW Lechtenberg Workshops – REGISTER NOW

    MVW Lechtenberg & Partner organises a series of Alternative Fuels Workshops
    providing comprehensive know-how and information on the various aspects of alternative fuels.
    The workshops are run by Dirk Lechtenberg and Dr. Hansjörg Diller as specialized trainings in small working groups;
    the most efficient and economical way to prepare for your alternative fuels projects.
    The workshops take place at the MVW Lechtenberg premises in Duisburg, Germany.

    Attend these workshops
                    • to get fundamental knowledge to start an alternative fuel project or participate in an AF project team
                    • to get an insight into a state-of-the-art RDF technologies and production facilities,
                    • to learn the particularities connected with hazardous waste when using as alternative fuel
    CLICK HERE Workshop I - Principles of Alternative Fuels 
    24-25 May 2016 

    CLICK HERE Workshop II - Production, Storage, Dosing & Feeding of Refuse Derived Fuels
    22-23 June 2016 

    CLICK HERE Workshop III - Quality Management of Alternative Fuels
    20-21 September 2016 

    Workshop IV - Case Studies & Current Developments
    Date TBC

    CLICK HERE Workshop V - Hazardous Waste As Alternative Fuel
    18-19 May 2016
    26-27 October 2016 

    CLICK HERE Workshop VI - Alternative Raw Materials for the Cement Industry
    28-29 June 2016
    7-8 September 2016
    23-24 November 2016 

    CLICK HERE to download the registration form 

    CLICK HERE to download a general workshop brochure

    Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Handbook – now available!

    In 2012 we published the "Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Handbook, Volume 1 and 2". It is the first comprehensive English compendium for decision makers in the field of alternative fuels and alternative raw materials in the cement and lime industry.
    The publication enjoys great popularity among industry managers all over the world. It turned out to be a very valuable source of information which assists them greatly in planning and execution of their projects.

    With two volumes of approx. 1,200 pages in total, this is the most comprehensive compendium of alternative fuels and raw materials for the cement and lime industry. While the 1st volume informs about general issues to be considered when using alternative fuels and alternative raw materials, the 2nd volume focuses on the material itself. A compilation of fact sheets, each one consisting of approx. 20 – 30 pages, describes precisely significant characteristics of substances suitable as alternative fuel or alternative raw material as well as among others its composition, possible processing, storing, dosing a.s.o.

    Click on the picture below to take a look inside the AFR Handbook, view contents and more in this exclusive exemplary

    Technical information
    Both volumes of the AFR Handbook are available as hardback edition in continuous 4-colour printing. 
    Volume 1: 531 pages, ISBN: 978-3-7640-0550-4
    Volume 2: 592 pages, ISBN: 978-3-7640-0551-1

    How to purchase the AFR Handbook?
    A few months after its initial publication, the AFR Handbook already caused a stir in the industry so that we decided to cooperate in the area of distribution with the experienced and well-known "Verlag Bau+Technik", publisher of the magazine "Cement International" and other cement-specialised literature.

    If you would like to order the AFR Handbook, please use our Purchase Order Form. Send the completed form back to us via email (see below) or fax to +49 (0)203 34 65 16-50. If you plan to order higher quantities please contact us in advance to get our best rates.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for enquiries and more information either via email to or by phone +49 (0) 203 346 516-0.

    • processing, storage, dosing and feeding of alternative fuels/ refuse derived fuels (RDF) in waste management, cement, lime and waste-to-energy industries
    • markt development, e.g. in Waste-to-Energy industry
    • newest development in RDF production, e.g. the ‘Rocket Mill’, for fine grinding and drying of RDF
    • hands-on experience in using alternative fuels, shared for example by Heidelberg Zement Ennigerloh, that reached over 60% substitution rate
    • Qualitätsmanagement von alternativen Brennstoffen
    • quality management of refuse derived fuels
    • production cost savings achieved by use of alternative fuels
    • new regulatory developments, e.g. the Industrial Emission Directive (IED) in Europe,
    • Country reports about RDF market development in Europa and North Africa
    • Experiences in logistics of RDF, using rail, seeway and transfrontier shipments

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